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Top 3 Toyota Tacoma Upgrades for Texas

Your Tacoma. It's what you think of when you think of Toyota trucks. It's not just a reliable one, either. It's supremely capable for off-roading, and on top of that, expertly equipped to hit the trail right from the get-go. And even then, its prospects for customization are still wide as the horizon.

Good thing you came to us here at Toyota of Irving for advice on where to start. Here's a few ways you can go.

Ride High: Mod the Suspension

Ground clearance is key when, say, skirting downed trees or fording rivers. You can make your Tacoma positively tower over other pickups, and pretty easily at that: install a lift kit and level kit and swap out factory springs and shocks and struts for performance variants -- basically, raise the suspension.

Even a couple inches can make a huge difference, and ride quality won't be affected -- most times, it gets even better.

Add Big Wheels, Then Bigger Tires

Once your Tacoma's got the ride height to actually start crawling rocks, it'll need the durability and grip to actually take you there (or, well, over top of them). That means installing wheels and tires that are a lot beefier than factory fare.

Consider, say, 17-inch wheels with 33-inch tires (Toyo, or Yokohama, or even Firestone, for instance) for starters. Want some of the best? Go 20 inches or more on wheels, and try all-terrain or mud-terrain tires on for size. Just keep a good air compressor with you off the beaten path: it'll go a long way toward holding the right psi.

Get the Looks that Get the Looks

Upgrading the exterior of a Tacoma is one of the easier and more fun ways to go first. You can put on ruggeder, more aggressive-looking bumpers, for instance, or custom grilles that all but scream "Toyota pickup," not to mention put in brighter lighting (LED comes to mind). You can even install a roof rack on top of the cab to haul more gear than you've got room in the bed -- and you don't even have to stop there (especially if you're driving a Tacoma TRD Pro).

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